Dr. Prasad Deshapriya is a well-known name to many in the field of beauty culture. Dr Desappriya, the director of the acupuncture clinic of Kalubowila is the most famous doctor in the industry of beauty culture. Not only Sri Lankans, but also patients from foreign countries visit Dr. Prasad to get treated since all are well heard of his amazing skills.

As a child, Dr.Prasad was extremely happy in helping his grandfather to go in search of medicinal herbs. While other children were happily playing around, Prasad was finding his happiness in searching for herbs, grinding them and in making pellets of medicine out of it. Because of this, Prasad had a sound knowledge about medicinal herbs like, rasakinda, haathawariya, lunuwila, bowitiya etc., though this is history for many artists and many who knows him, it's not so for Prasad.

Dr Prasad has the inherited knowledge of herbal traditional medicine which was gifted from his long line of ayurvedic doctors in his family. The famous "Mathara Yatiyana weda mahaththaya"or Andiris Appuhamy is the grandfather of Dr Prasad Deshapriya while his grandmother is Mathara Rosi weda hamine. Mathara Somalatha Gamage weda hamine (Mother's sister), Professor Ariyawathi Gamage (Mother) and Dr Prasad himself are also a part of that decent. Dr Prasad is dedicated in sharing this knowledge with the world.

"I was born in the Southern province, Mathara. I was brought up in a medical environment. Many of the villagers visited our house to get treated for all kinds of ailments. My grandfather was very popular amongst them. Everyone knew "Mathara Yatiyana weda mahaththaya". My grandmother is "Yatiyana weda hamine". Somalatha wedahamine is my aunt (mother's sister). My mother is a professor in medicine, Ariyawathi weda hamine. Taking all that into account, I guess I have inherited my strengths from my family".

With the knowledge Prasad inherited from his family, he wanted to study about this practice in depth. Prasad's arrival to Colombo happened for that reason, to study in depth about herbal medicine without getting limited to family practice. "From a very small age I had a good knowledge of specific medicinal herbs which cure specific ailments. I got that knowledge from my grandfather, grandmother and my mother. But I wanted to learn about them in depth. That's why I thought of studying acupuncture."

"At that time the hospital of Kalubowila had the facilities in teaching acupuncture. I studied under Professor Pandith Rajaguru and Professor Anton Jayasooriya. With time I got the opportunity to work in the acupuncture clinic of the hospital as well. Because of all this, I was lucky enough to gain the knowledge from many countries like America, Germany, China, India, Switzerland and Malaysia as well."

Later I thought of starting my own clinic. I never did that for any economic gain. Actually through acupuncture many ailments could be successfully cured. By now I have proven it to the world. With the knowledge of traditional herbal medicine and acupuncture it has been easy to treat many. I feel lucky to be of service to all who seek my treatments."

Dr. Prasad Deshapriya is renowned in the world of artists. Eventhough he started his carrier as a doctor he has shown many talents as an artist in his wonderful journey of life.